We woke pretty early this morning…
Let’s start again: I convinced my other half to wake up insanely early for a Sunday. Since he had just come back from overseas, I figured jetlag would be on my side. I had everything ready from the night before: cameras charged, tripod folded, everything packed and a bag for some snacks.

At 5 a.m we woke up and hit the road, doggy included, to arrive to Santa Cruz at 6.30. I have been in the wetlands, in the mountain and in my backyard, where there is an unusual bird activity this year due to the big amount of water that rain brought to a nearby pond. So I have waders, song birds, raptors, hummingbirds… now I wanted some seabirds.

The first thing we found was a long-bill curlew digging some food by the waves. And hungry seagulls as well. Look at this one, so beautiful with orange bill.

Next to him, a group of 4 to 6 sandpipers were rushing to get some food in between waves. At a distance I could see a pelican, strategically standing on a rock. That kept me busy for a while, until pelicans and seagulls started flying and a very playful sea lion made its appearance.

I had no interest in inland birds because I see them everyday, but I found some that I don’t see in my backyard, and they were fun to watch.

Meanwhile inland…