My neighborhood has become an important place for many different types of birds to come drink water and sleep, eat and breed. From small hummingbirds to Canadian geese. But nothing is more impressive than the many types of raptors I see daily. Sometimes flying past my window. The red tail hawk is the most amazing for me.

Followed by the White tailed kite, which has the most exquisite feathers, rubi-red eyes, yellow claws and wings like angels, in a mix of white, grey and black. I see this bird is with a partner and it enjoys especially sunsets, when both stay up in the air, in vertical, facing the sun (this is when they actually look like angels.

A smaller raptor that is fast and cute (although a serial killer, I have to say) is the krestel, which in Spanish is called cernicalo. I always see them in pairs, as the White tailed kite, flying close to each other and enjoying the view of the sun as well. They fly low as they try to catch some small rodents. I the picture below you can see one of them with a dragonfly.