Sandpipers, whirblers, plovers, stilts, dowitchers and killdeers are some of the many names for birds that are defined as waders, and I did not even know existed (the one in the main picture is my favorite, the American avocet (recurvirostridae).

On a boring Saturday, my kid suggested we’d go to the wetlands. He had been there with his class on a school field trip and liked it a lot, so there we where, discovering the south of the San Francisco Bay Area. When we were driving to the entrance I realized a lot of weird birds, like storks, black and white, going at it on the mud: picking I don’t know what here and there non stop.

Smaller ones with smaller bills moved like sewing machines, walking very fast. They dig the mud and extract little bugs from the wetlands to feed on. They also drink water infested with insects, keeping the balance in the wetlands.

We have come back to the wetlands many times, and after I started getting in touch with bird experts I learned to differentiate some of them.

Stilts, with their white and black feathers and red legs are the easiest to spot. Here you can see a beautiful stilt.  

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