I never thought the “eagles” I was looking at were, actually, vultures. I have seen them so often. They fly above my house, close to downtown, above the freeway, in the mountains and, as I could see here, also in the sea (trying to find dead animal in the cliffs -see below).

Once, I was able to track them with mi camera, but they generally fly too high for me to able to take anything more than a black silhouette and, if lucky, a red bill.

When we were driving from Inverness to Point Reyes that Saturday morning, I was blown away. There was like a colony of these vultures on top of the trees, pretty close to the narrow road we were in. When we were able to stop I tried to get out of the car very slowly, fearing they would fly away. But no. Maybe it was too early in the morning. With sunrise, they were covering their bodies, still relaxing, or opening their wings to receive the energizing sun rays and warm up their bodies.

My first thought was how ugly the face was. When I learned the name was related to turkeys I understood why. What I read is that these vultures do not come from Europe or Asia. They are 100% made in America. An awesome and useful bird that has very few predators. I felt relieved knowing this animal does not hunt for other animals as seeing raptors in action is not an enjoyable experience for me as a hobby photographer.