In the wetlands, life comes at you with no filters. They are humid, can be smelly, hot and filled with mosquitoes and other bugs. I can say I come back home with having been attacked by a different type of insect every time I visit.

The great thing about the wetlands are the many other beautiful animals that visit every day to refresh, relax and call it a day. They attract bigger birds, like herons, storks and many others.

But wetlands have a very important mission. They are an important  ecosystem. Those muds, plants and bugs filter the water, that goes clean deep beneath the surface and fills subterranean streams.

They also retain the water we get from the rain so it does not go “wasted”, straight to the sea. Their capacity to absorb humidity and water makes them a rich source of nutrients and sediments for the earth.

At the same time they avoid floods because of this same capacity to absorb water like sponges. Wetlands also prevent coastal erosion and provide fish, seafood and crops like rice and salt.

Bug infested¬†waters are a magnet to many other species that keep the food chain and nature’s cycles alive. The bad news is that they are shrinking, so anything you can do to help is important. Visit, donate or contribute voluntary work to your local wetland. Talk about it, post your pictures, and make sure to respect the rules and the animals in it.